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Reception areas help create a positive atmosphere

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Reception areas in Meridian City Hall have recently gotten a visual boost, with canvas artworks designed by each department.  The next time you’re here, take a tour to see each department’s perspective.


On the first floor, The City Clerk’s office also has original watercolor from local artist Dwight Williams.  Utility billing has a new and creative spin on the commodity they deal with daily, our water.  Building Services has the tools of their trade in photographs on their wall. 


On the second floor, the Fire Department’s pieces display scenes from its fire safety outreach and education efforts as well as photos of Meridian fire fighters working hard in our community.  Right next door, the Parks and Recreation Department showcases the beautiful parks, pathways, playgrounds, and recreational amenities that make Meridian a fabulous place to spend an afternoon, evening, or weekend.  In Public Works, you’ll find photos of some of the behind-the-scenes and underground infrastructure that keeps our water safe and flowing smoothly.  And in Planning, you can see the city in a new way, with architectural and natural details from our City Hall Plaza that give it character and identity. 


Finally, on the third floor, the Mayor’s Office displays photos that embody “Live : Work : Play” – a water feature in one of our upscale subdivisions, children enjoying the splash pad in Settlers Park, and the clock in Generations Plaza.  Down the hall, the Legal and Human Resources Department looks backwards and forwards for the City.  There is a 1930’s era photo of the Meridian Creamery, with milk trucks and all.  The creamery was located on the site of the current City Hall and maintained operations until the 1970’s.  Alongside the historical black and white photo is a modern aerial color enhanced photo of Meridian City Hall. 


Next time you visit City Hall check out these various displays.  The mood and atmosphere reflect the department’s feelings of the City and what they want you to know about them.  Enjoy these visual depictions of how your City employees work hard to make Meridian a premier place to live, work, and raise a family!