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Utility Bill a Source of Community Information?

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By Karie Glenn, Billing Manager

Do you ever feel like your utility bills are just another avenue for more junk mail?  Bills filled with flyers that you don’t want or even read.  Many people just open the envelope far enough to see what the total due is;  perform some quick math for budgeting purposes and file it away until payday.


What you might not know is that the City uses our utility bills to provide vital information to the public.  As the utility manager I would encourage you to take a few extra minutes and examine your bill and all that is included.


Past billing inserts have included calendar reminders for town hall meetings, community events such as CableONE Movie night, Community Block Party and the Christmas Tree lighting.


The City also uses our utility bill to make citizens aware of important community changes.  Recently the City provided information to the community on a ban on texting while driving as well as a ban on the drug commonly known as Spice.


Please, take a moment to review the contents of the envelope when it arrives.  You will be educating your self on our community and learning about amazing events that make our community so great.


Additional information about the City of Meridian can always be found by visiting our website at www.meridiancity.org.  Please feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions for inserts/announcements that you wish we would provide to our residents.

Utility Billing can be reached at utilitybilling@meridiancity.org.