/uploadedImages/Departments/Fire/Training Tower.jpg The Training Division concentrates on recruit training and continuing education for the entire department. Our 5-Story Tower constructed in 2007 features, interior and exterior stairs, standpipe connections on each floor, Sprinkler System, Search & Rescue Maze, Spongee Floor area, Mockup Roofs for ventilation practice and 2-separate areas where live-fire training can be held.  In addition, firefighters are able to practice ladder raises, forcible entry techniques and all types of rope rescue training.  A drafting pit was also built adjacent to the tower that serves several purposes including pump testing, driver/operator training and confined space rescue. 

As Meridian continues to grow and expand it's workforce it is important that we have a facility where we can train our new recruits as well as maintain the skills of our veteran firefighters.  Well trained firefighters are critical to fulfilling our mission of preserving lives and protecting property.