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Bids are due at 2:30 p.m. (unless otherwise noted)

  The City does not maintain a plan holders list when plans and specs are available to download from the City website. 

Solicitation Number   Bid Name   Due Date
PW-15-10120.C   Settlers Park - Adventure Island Resurfacing   September 21, 2015
PW-15-0596.c   South Black Cat Pigging Station - Construction   September 9, 2015
PW-15-0596.B   South Black Cat Sewer Commissioning   September 3, 2015
IT-15-10547   Motion Tablets   September 8, 2015
WW-15-10317   PolyAluminum Chloride      September 3, 2015
PW-15-10349.B   Generator Loadbank   August 27, 2015
PW-15-10417.M   Well 12 and Well 23 Control System Upgrades - Construction   August 24, 2015